How can I contact Beamr?

Email us at info@beamr.com and we'd be glad to help with all your questions


Who is Beamr?

Beamr is a video technology software company and image science pioneer founded in 2009. The company is backed by Verizon, Innovation Endeavors (Eric Schmidt), and Disruptive. Beamr’s technology is covered by 51 granted patents, making Beamr the leading provider of video software encoding, transcoding, and optimization solutions. Users include tier one MSOs, OTT content distributors, video streaming platforms, and Hollywood studios. Beamr’s products are next-gen cloud-enabled and ideally suited for NFV virtualized environments using Docker container technology in order to scale natively across on-prem and cloud-based workflows.

Beamr HEVC & H.264 video encoding solutions are used by some of the largest video services in the world to achieve unusually high video quality at the lowest possible bitrate, while allowing their video encoding operations to operate more than two times faster than the nearest solution. Beamr optimization technology enables video encodes that are up to 50% smaller than what can be produced with even the best video encoder.


Beamr 4 H.264 Codec SDK

Beamr 4 is a robust H.264 codec SDK backed by more than ten years of codec development. It is in use by some of the industry’s largest video encoder OEM’s, broadcasters, streaming service providers, and video distributors. Beamr 4 is ideally suited for all applications from real-time live to the highest quality VOD encoding operation workflows.

Beamr 5 HEVC Codec SDK

Beamr 5 is validated as the best performing and highest quality HEVC codec SDK engine on the market. It ships in a highly scalable and flexible configuration that works on-prem, and in private/public cloud and hybrid architectures. Beamr 5 is used by the world’s largest OTT streaming service to reach more than 100 million subscribers worldwide, and it fully supports all current HDR standards with resolutions up to 8K. Beamr 5 is suited for all applications from high-quality VOD to lightning-fast broadcast low-latency (live) performance quality on Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

Beamr 5x HEVC Codec SDK with CABR

Beamr 5x combines the class leading capabilities of Beamr 5 with exceptional bitrate efficiency that is enable through Beamr's patented perceptual quality measure powering a new rate control mode called CABR. With CABR, Beamr 5x delivers a file size that is up to 50% smaller than VBR. Beamr 5x supports VOD encoding of HDR with resolutions up to 8K, and real-time live encoding of resolutions up to 720p.

Support for FFmpeg?

Beamr 5x is fully supported by the Beamr FFmpeg Plugin. Note, primary applications will be VOD since the processing speed for low latency live is not sufficient to support beyond 1080p24 in version 4.2.

What bit-rates can be expected for HD?

The quality desired and complexity of program material determines the final bitrate, for HD, it is reasonable to expect high streaming quality under 2.0 Mbps, even as low as 1.5 Mbps.

What bit-rates can be expected for 4K?

It is reasonable to expect quality that is comparable with what Netflix is delivering, under 10 Mbps, with some lower complexity video dipping as low as 6 Mbps.

Beamr FFmpeg Plugin

Beamr FFmpeg plugin enables a familiar interface for Beamr 4, Beamr 5, and Beamr 5x codecs to interoperate simply with FFmpeg using many of the familiar commands and API’s. For workflows using FFmpeg, with the Beamr FFmpeg plugin you may easily replace open source or third-party Codec SDK’s with a Beamr Codec SDK, without requiring too much additional engineering work.