How can I contact Beamr?

Email us at and we'd be glad to help with all your questions


Who is Beamr?

Beamr is the global leader in media optimization solutions, powering some of the world's top web publishers, social networks and media companies. We offer video optimization solutions, which enable content and service providers to distribute exceptionally high quality video with faster downloads and smoother streaming on bandwidth constrained networks, alongside photo optimization solutions for reducing storage requirements and accelerating websites and imaging workflows.


What is Beamr Video?

Beamr Video is a perceptual video optimizer that reduces the bitrate of video streams, while preserving their full resolution and quality.

Why should I use Beamr Video?

Beamr Video reduces the bandwidth required for each video stream, so you can deliver higher quality video over low bandwidth channels to fixed and mobile clients, saving on delivery costs and improving the overall user experience.

How can I use Beamr Video?

Beamr Video is available as a Linux software application that can be deployed both on-premises or in the cloud, and as a full scaleable cloud service that is accessible through a REST API.

What formats does Beamr Video support?

Beamr Video supports optimization of H.264 and HEVC videos.

How is Beamr Video integrated into a video processing workflow?

Our optimization process is applied after the initial encode of the video, which serves as a quality reference for Beamr Video. After the optimization, the encoded files can be encrypted and packaged for streaming delivery.

How can I try Beamr Video?

Just fill in your details in the trial request form, and you can receive a 30-day free trial of Beamr Video.


Does Beamr Video produce a new video format?

No. Beamr Video produces fully standard H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) and H.265 (HEVC) streams, which can be played by any media player, browser or consumer device without installing special software.

How does Beamr Video work?

Beamr Video works by analyzing the input stream using a unique perceptual quality detector, and applying the maximum amount of compression, which will not cause visible artifacts. For further details, see the technology section.

Is Beamr Video a video encoder?

Beamr Video is not a video encoder, but a video optimizer which is applied after the initial video encoding, and before the encryption and packaging steps. Based on patented quality measure, Beamr Video reduces the bitrate of encoded files without compromising their quality.

How does Beamr Video handle ABR streams?

During the re-encoding, Beamr Video places IDR frames in the output video stream at all locations that have IDR frames in the input video stream, ensuring that files prepared for ABR stream switching, remain synchronized.

What is unique about the quality measure Beamr developed?

During six years of intensive research, we have developed a perceptual quality measure that has much higher correlation with subjective results than existing quality measures such as PSNR and SSIM. The correlation of our quality measure with subjective results has been proven in user testing according to the strict requirements of the ITU BT.500 standard for image quality testing, and verified by the Golden Eyes of Hollywood’s largest studios. The quality measure and related technologies are covered by nine granted patents and over 30 pending patent applications.

How much bitrate reduction can I expect from Beamr Video?

This depends on the resolution, quality and content of the original video. Typically, Beamr Video reduces the bitrate of streaming content by 20%-50%. The actual reduction for each file is content-dependent, enabling optimal savings, while fully preserving the original encode quality.