We welcome Vanguard Video to the Beamr Family!
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Reduce Bitrate
by Up To 50%
Without Compromising quality

Faster start.
Less Buffering.
Higher Quality.

Select a resolution, click play, and move the slider,
to see first hand the perceptual quality of Beamr Video.

Source Movie1.2 mbps
Optimized0.74 mbps
OPTIMIZED 0.85 mbps

The only video optimizer
validated by hollywood studios

Standard Formats

Outputs a fully standard H.264 stream that can be
played on any TV, computer or mobile device

HD Content

Delivers HD content over low-bandwidth, so even mobile viewers enjoy content at best quality

Simple Integration

Easy command line application available on all major flavors of Linux

Any Application

Supports any video application including fixed/adaptive bitrate streaming, download and Blu-ray

Always Safe

Keeps video quality when reducing bitrates, by verifying quality of each video frame in closed loop

Fully Automated

No settings necessary, video streams are automatically analyzed and optimized played on any TV, computer or mobile device

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