What is Beamr Video?

Beamr Video is a perceptual video optimizer that significantly reduces the bitrate of video streams, while preserving their full resolution and quality.

Why should I use Beamr Video?

Beamr Video reduces the bandwidth required for each video stream, so you can deliver higher quality video over low bandwidth channels to fixed and mobile clients.

How can I use Beamr Video?

Beamr Video is available as a Linux software application that can be deployed both on-premises or in the cloud, and as a full scaleable cloud service that is accessible through a REST API.

How does Beamr Video work?

Beamr Video works by analyzing the input stream using a unique perceptual quality detector, and applying the maximum amount of compression which will not cause visible artifacts. For further details, see the technology section.

Is Beamr Video a new video format?

No. Beamr Video produces fully standard H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) streams, which can be played by any media player, browser or consumer device without installing special software.

Is Beamr Video a video encoder?

Beamr Video is not a video encoder, but a video encoder controller which can interface to various H.264 software and hardware video encoders, and help them make smarter decisions based on perceptual quality.

How does Beamr Video integrate with H.264 video encoders?

Using on our patent-pending video quality measure, which is highly correlated with subjective (human) visual quality, Beamr Video analyzes the quality of the encoder's input and output video streams. Based on this analysis, Beamr Video guides the encoder's compression settings such that output bitrate is minimized while ensuring no visible artifacts are created.

How does Beamr Video compare to x264?

The Beamr Video controller can interface to various H.264 hardware and software encoders, including x264 which we believe is the best H.264 software encoder available. So when you use Beamr Video with x264, our quality-based external control loop ensures that you will get the minimal bitrate without compromising video quality.

What is unique about the quality measure you have developed? How does it compare to other quality measures such as PSNR and SSIM?

During 6 years of intensive research, we have developed a perceptual quality measure that has much higher correlation with subjective results than existing quality measures such as PSNR and SSIM. The correlation of our quality measure with subjective results has been proven in user testing according to the strict requirements of the ITU BT.500 standard for image quality testing. The quality measure and related technologies are covered by 3 granted patents and 45 international patent applications.

What is the typical bitrate reduction I can expect from Beamr Video?

This depends on the resolution and quality of the original video. For high-quality, original videos produced by digital video cameras or delivered on Blu-ray discs, you can expect a reduction of 50%-75% in bitrate. For video download and streaming content, the typical bitrate reduction is 20%-50%.

How does Beamr Video compare with WebM?

Beamr Video supports the standard H.264 video codec, which is by far the established market leader in the video compression space across all video applications. WebM has not gained any significant market share outside the Google echo-system (YouTube/Chrome/Android). Although it presumably offers better compression than H.264, Beamr Video’s unique optimization technology can produce H.264 files that are smaller than corresponding WebM files at the same quality.

Will Beamr Video become obsolete when HEVC (H.265) arrives in the market?

HEVC has sophisticated mathematical tools for video encoding, but does not utilize perceptual quality measures in the encoding process. Therefore, our core technology – the quality measure and video encoder controller -- can be applied, with minor adaptations, to HEVC encoding as well. We have demonstrated reduction of 4K HEVC bitrates by 40% during NAB 2014, and plan to integrate HEVC support into the Beamr Video software by Q1 2015.

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